In this meeting, we talked about end of the school year for all the students. For the Lanzhou students, as art-specialized students, they only have to complete the math and language sections (cutting out chemistry and physics) for the national test in June. However, they have to submit their artworks to a national board for review by December of this year. For the Albuquerque students, we finished AP testing by the beginning of June and prepare on our own for the ACT and SAT tests, many of which are being cancelled due to COVID-19. As of school, China has opened up completely and all the Lanzhou students’ classes will be normal their senior year while each state in the US has different plans, but at Albuquerque Academy, the school year has been divided up into trimesters and each class is now limited to twelve people. The Lanzhou students also showed us how they were planning on finishing each Albuquerque piece. We discussed to have the next meeting as well as the deadline for the all pieces on August 8th. I also showed everyone the beginnings of this website that is scheduled to be launched on Monday, July 27th.