With discussions about individual ideas for art pieces to traditional foods to Japanese anime, our 3rd meeting lasted for over an hour. ZiXuan even wore a traditional white outfit for the Albuquerque Team to see, complete with silk sashes and a decorated hair style! We also unexpectedly discussed the differences between the KFC in China and the KFC in the United States. The Albuquerque students were surprised to learn that in the morning, the KFCs in China serve hot soy milk with 油条 (You tiao – fried donuts without sugar and shaped in long sticks). The KFCs also serve 木耳 (Mu er – black mushrooms), 稀饭 (Xi fan – rice porridge), 粥 (Zhou – congee), and many more dishes specialized for their market. The Lanzhou students were in turn surprised to hear that many Albuquerque students also watch or read Japanese anime for fun during their free time. The Albuquerque Team all knew names such as One Piece, Naruto, and Manga.