The project officially started at 9pm on a Saturday in Albuquerque, New Mexico and 11am on a Sunday in Lanzhou, Gansu. Displayed above is our first meeting agenda. This meeting mainly consisted of each person sharing about themselves and ice breaker activities for group bonding. Though we quickly learned that language would be a big barrier, the struggle and cooperation between all of us in this first meeting led to the formation of amazing friendships and the beginning of great learning experiences. Take a look at the Cross-Cultural Contrasts page to view some of the lessons and knowledge we gained from one another.                                



我们的第一次会议,该项目于周日上午11点(甘肃省兰州),周六晚上9点(新墨西哥州阿尔伯克基),正式开始。 上面显示的是我们的第一次会议议程。这次会议主要由每个人介绍有关自己以及与小组成员 进行的破冰活动。尽管我们很快就知道语言将成为一个很大的障碍,但我们所有人在第一次会议中的奋斗与合作却导致了惊人的友谊的形成和良好学习经验的开始。查看“跨文化对比”页面,以查看我们从彼此中学到的一些课程和知识。