Welcome to the Cross-Cultural Art Gallery! Click on any of the images below to scroll through pieces where each half is completed by a student from a different culture!




  1. 一个网站,一幅画,独特的创意,搭建了中美两地高中生文化交流的桥梁!不同的国度、不同的文化背景,展现的是异曲同工的美!作为小学教师的我,虽然不懂更多的绘画语言,但,深深感受到了不同文化的水乳交融,感受到了世界的美好!为付出辛劳和汗水的孩子们点赞!

  2. 不同的生活经历和文化渊源,放在同一幅画里,表达出共同的美好。为孩子们点赞!

  3. 作品很赞哦,现在的文化已经不是全然独立存在的,有交融,也有自己的特色,这点能通过你们的作品展现出来,真的很有意思

  4. 身为一个高中学生,用自己力所能及的力量 和一种奇妙的方式 ,为同龄人搭建了一座五彩斑斓的中美文化交流的桥梁 ,great!

  5. 艺术既要有民族特色,又要加强交流融合!要鼓励各国艺术多渠道多层次多方位的相互交流!

  6. It’s truly amazing that these high schoolers can achieve such a success when the whole world is shutting down. I see lots of misunderstanding and condemnations on the internet due to the lack of communication. This project helps people to think more about cooperation despite of the existing cultural differences.

  7. 今天看了大家的作品,真的很有创意,艺术无国界,这种交流很好,彼此了解一下对方的文化。

  8. Definitely, awesome arts! 
    It is a cheerful surprise to me and a positive input indeed to somewhat cloudy day or greyish world suffering from the pandemic of COVID-19 at the moment.  
    This group of talented high schoolers organized by Melinda Modisette, the pretty and beloved granddaughter of an excellent high school teacher,  initiates such a brilliant idea of “cross- cultural gallery”!  Young artists from States and China expressed  enthusiastically together here love to sino-America  life elements in sophisticate manner.  Paintings resulted are amazing in general. Colours are particularly impressive.   
    Misunderstanding and condemnations  have been observed  frequently on the internet and on television since beginning of this year,  which is especially true to some world leaders.  It raises a significant concern to entire human safety with time going,  if emerging national egoism from key nations is beyond control.
    Our schoolers send a strong message with love to current world:  Responsible adults should work together and make it possible to reach win-win situation via understand and collaboration, despite of the existing cultural, societal differences and some conflicts in national or personal interests.  Make the world a better place!
    The successes of this gallery has demonstrated potential of organization and leadership skills of Melinda, in addition to her global vision and her talent in art. I could foresee a promising future based on the students vibrant performances.  I, sincerely hope that, they will be admitted to their dream universities to pursue their goals further.  Please join me to wish them every success, and a bright future!

  9. 中美两国中学生绘画艺术作品,穿越半个地球相聚在一起,碰撞出闪亮的火花,这样的学生艺术交流应当持续进行下去!

  10. How wonderful that these talented artists have collaborated in creating visions authenticating that we do live in one world. May these shared experiences provide a foundation for our planet’s future; a world where we create and celebrate the common ground that our species truly occupies. In the face of global challenges ranging from the environmental to the political, these artistic statements and creations ring true the veracity that our species seeks community for the benefit and beauty of all.


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