The Student Art Gallery is for, well, student art! Though many students can enter into competitions and award shows, it is not often that a student has their own gallery on a website where people can view and purchase their work. This gallery specializes in fulfilling this need. (To apply, visit the 学生艺术家申请 page) Each student has their own Bio, Artist Statement, Portfolios, Upcoming Shows and Contact pages.


Dorsa Zamanian

艺术一直是我人生的渠道。每当我被困住时,我发现打开一些音乐和素描就能使我头脑清醒。艺术使我对生活有了新的认识。。。 进一步了解Dorsa的艺术创作

Dorsa Zamanian目前是阿尔伯克基学院的高三毕业生。她从事艺术已有五年,并计划在大学延续她对艺术的热情。她与父亲和妹妹住在一起,家人对她的工作有很大的启发。。。 了解有关Dorsa的更多信息

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Melinda Modisette

艺术是一种挣扎。就像一筒油彩一样,你知道还剩下一些东西,没有用完的东西,但是无论你怎么使劲,挤压,戳戳,将它撞在桌子上…… 了解有关Melinda艺术观的更多信息

Melinda Modisette目前是阿尔伯克基学院的高中毕业班生。她已经上了11年的美术课,现在是她的第十二个学期。然而,她对艺术的热爱始于…… 了解更多关于Melinda

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  1. Hello, Melinda,
    You have bloomed into a most wonderful young woman. I have known you since you were born, and your parents are my dear friends. You possess a remarkable mind and a beautiful heart. I wish only the best for you in life and believe that your life will be amazing.


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