This website is created and funded by Melinda Modisette, a sophomore at Harvard College, for the purpose of filling in some of the gaps between art and society and to unite people around an integral part of humanity. Art is all around us from magazine ads to the label of a soup can. Art is powerful; it can change your mind from buying a blue tea set to joining a movement. In the world of five second ads and millisecond scenes, art can often be overlooked as place to put your time. But I hope to encourage people to maybe look again. Art can bridge the gap between two cultures, between people who don’t even speak the same language. Art can impact a community, bring differing perspectives into conversation. Art evolves and mutates. There’s no boundaries for it, not even within wooden canvas frames.


  • Provocar el pensamiento y la acción en torno a cómo el arte puede mejorar una comunidad
  • Proporcionar recursos a los artistas jóvenes para ampliar sus habilidades y conocimientos sobre cómo seguir una carrera como artista
  • Unir a personas de todo el mundo en torno a un solo elemento
  • Mostrar, tanto como podamos, el poder y las posibilidades que se encuentran dentro del arte