Through working with my community and talking to local artists, I realized that in school, we are taught many useful skills such as how to accurately depict a face, how to use color palette to portray an emotion, or how to bring ideas to life, but we are not taught how to thrive working as an artist. We are not really taught how to apply for grants, have shows, or sell prints. Though actually producing powerful works is extremely important, this website tries to fill in for all of those other important aspects. Here students from elementary schoolers to college scholars can apply for grants for art pieces they are working on, whether it is to buy supplies or to reserve a gallery for a show. To know more about the application or selection process, please visit the Grant Application page.

Community Service Grant – $75

The Community Service Grant was created to supply materials to artists working on art that directly serves their community. Many different kinds of projects can constitute to a community service art project such as creating a piece with people from the community or painting a piece to donate to a local nonprofit organization (More examples can be found on the Community Service page). This grant strives to create enthusiasm and provoke thought about how art can impact and better a community.

Celebration of Culture Grant – $100

The Celebration of Culture Grant aims to help artists pursue art pieces that cherish old traditions and cultural diversity. The grant strives to make culture a uniting aspect of society rather than a dividing feature. Art and culture are intertwined and beautiful characteristics of humanity and when put together, can create a powerful statement. The Celebration of Culture Grant aspires to give young artists the means tackle these two qualities of the human world.

A Fresh Start Grant – $75

During COVID-19 and quarantine, it is easy to feel stuck and isolated; however, this need not be the case. The A Fresh Start Grant is committed to providing artists with the necessary resources to design and make art that looks forward into the future. Though many people face hard times today, there is pivotal value in anticipating a brighter tomorrow.

Impact Grant – $125

The power of art can often be overlooked in a world of fast-cutting films and instant Internet connection. But when observed carefully and thoughtfully, a single art piece can portray innumerable emotions and statements. Moreover, these emotions and statements will undoubtedly vary from person to person depending on their own experiences of life. The Impact Grant seeks to challenge young artists to make a statement and impact with their art.


These grants are funded by the Albuquerque Academy Patricia S. Kuswa Memorial Award


  1. The designs are very interesting and fine. Congratulations ! And hope you gain more chance to improve! Good luck!

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