The Student Art Gallery is for, well, student art! Though many students can enter into competitions and award shows, it is not often that a student has their own gallery on a website where people can view and purchase their work. This gallery specializes in fulfilling this need. (To apply, visit the Artist Application page) Each student has their own Bio, Artist Statement, Portfolios, Upcoming Shows and Contact pages.

Meet the Artists!

Dorsa Zamanian

Art has always been my outlet for life. Whenever I am stuck, I find that turning on some music and sketching clears my mind. Art has given me a fresh perspective… Read More About Dorsa’s Take on Art

Dorsa Zamanian is currently a senior at Albuquerque Academy. She has taken art for five years and plans on continuing her passion for art in college. She lives with her father and sister and has found them to be a large inspiration… Learn More About Dorsa

Check Out Dorsa’s Portfolio

Melinda Modisette

Art is a struggle. Like a tube of paint, you know there is something left, something not used up, but no matter what you do, squeeze it, poke it, bang it against the table… Read More About Melinda’s View of Art

Melinda Modisette is currently a senior at Albuquerque Academy. She has taken art classes for eleven years and is now beginning her twelfth. Her love for art, however, started when… Learn More About Melinda

Check out Melinda’s Portfolio

Take a Look at Melinda’s 外公 Concentration


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  1. Hello, Melinda,
    You have bloomed into a most wonderful young woman. I have known you since you were born, and your parents are my dear friends. You possess a remarkable mind and a beautiful heart. I wish only the best for you in life and believe that your life will be amazing.

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